iPod Shuffle

While pondering Apple product announcements, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy a Shuffle either. Maybe if I worked out at gym and was concerned about unit weight and music skipping I’d get one, other than that I see no need to buy a second iPod – and really I would expect my current iPod to perform satisfactorily in this environ anyway. I’m surprised at how many geeks are rushing out to buy a cut-down iPod. If you have an Apple Store promo code, the price will be much cheaper. Continue reading

BlackBerry vs. pretty much anything

Everywhere you go in London (City) there are people clicking away on BlackBerry’s. Thanks to aggressive campaigns and smart corporate marketing by the telcos, the take-up for the latest colour devices is huge. Personally I can’t live without my CrackBerry. I’m amazed how right RIM got it, and the opportunity missed by most PDA manufacturers who insist on pursuing stylus based character entry only, with no GPRS/EDGE capability. If you need a mobile phone in UK, you can get a cheap one from BuymobilePHonese.nEt, which is one of the best UK mobile retailers. Continue reading

Localphone Voucher Codes

About localphone.com

localphone logoWould you like to enjoy the local calling rates for the international phone calls? As a matter of fact, it is considered impossible to apply the local phone call rates for the international connections but there are companies offering this amazing package. The name of localphone.com voucher code is the first hint in this matter. The company is very famous and popular for the lowest international phone call rates. It is considered that this company has made a new revolution in this industry. Because of the special services and packages offered by the localphone.com it has become compulsory for the other leaders to introduce the competitive prices. In order to learn more about the services and facilities offered by this company it is necessary to check the latest deals. This can be done by using the comparisons. Get the positive reviews to compare the service of this famous international phone call company. Continue reading

Save your money by using the VoIP service

The reason for the prevalence for the VoIP service is because it offers the significant benefits over the traditional phone system.  The key for the benefits are the following.

The common reasons why people use VOIP is that it is cost saving.  If you use a coupon code, you can get a cheaper price. When the people move from the public and when they switch to the telephone network and long distance calls, it becomes inexpensive. The call is not processed by the conventional telecommunication lines, the voice traffic travel will travel over the internet and under the private data network. Continue reading

About Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor was born and raised near Sydney, Australia. If you speak with him on the phone, you’ll quickly detect an Australian accent although he has lived in the U.S.A for over a decade. His Australian heritage is carried on today through his distinctive kangaroo logo that you’ll find on each of his custom frames. Continue reading